What is the Best Chrome Extension that Opens Multiple Links

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It is an undeniable fact that having the best Chrome Extension tool can let you open multiple links. And this helps reduce a lot of workload by opening several links or URLs within one click. Therefore, as a resolution, all you need is nothing but a Bulk URL Opener or Multiple URL Opener Chrome Extension installed on your system. Having so will save you a lot of time by decluttering the need to open every URL in a new tab by right-clicking on it. 

Moreover, having a compatible URL Opener extension can even let you restore, copy and bookmark your selected multiple links on your system. But finding the one that stands out on your needs and requirements is a challenging cup of tea. That’s why as a quick resolution, you can follow the below information before choosing the one. Doing so will help you to learn about all the top five VPNs and their accessibility, features, ability, etc. So without any further delay, let’s get started with learning more about these top five Multiple URL Opener for Chrome.     


1. Linkclump

The primary one is the “Linkclump,” which is available as a free Google Chrome extension. Regarding the usage of this Bulk URL Opener, begin by selecting multiple links. Further, click, drag, and open those selected links in different tabs. If you don’t know, using this “Linkclump” multiple URL opener extension will let you open multiple tabs from a single web page. Another requirement to use this URL opener is its installation. After installing it, use it by right-clicking on the web page with multiple links to select them. Once you select those links, it is advised to leave the mouse button in order to redirect all the links inside the selection bar. As a user, you can copy these links to the clipboard or save them as bookmarks. Hence, you don’t need to enter the links in the selection bar repeatedly.    


2. Linky

Another one we have is the “Linky” bulk URL opener extension, which is available for free on Google Chrome. Using this Multiple URL Opener extension lets you open several links simultaneously. In order to access this Linky URL Opener extension tool, install it from Google Chrome. Once you complete the installation, it will display a notification on your screen. The notification notifies you about the extension’s quick access icon next to your browser's address bar. Next, you must select the particular web page section containing multiple links. Further, you need to click on the “Linky” extension icon. So it can open all the selected links together in individual tabs.

3. Grab y’all links

The next multiple URL opener is “Grab y’all links,” which is available for free Google Chrome extension. This URL Opener extension helps you open several links quickly within a single click. Moreover, in order to use this extension, begin by pasting the list of entire URLs, you usually work with. Consequently, the installed “Grab y’all links'' extension will help in opening those URLs within a single tab. Furthermore, you can even restore a browsing session by producing a list of page titles and all the open tab URLs. Next, you need to copy these URLs and save them in your mail or any other appropriate file or folder you want. Remember, in order to access these URLs on your system, you need to paste them to Grab y’all links. Doing so will enable the browser to restore all the tabs you are working on.

4. URL Opener 

The fourth we have is “URL Opener,” which you can install for free from Google Chrome. Using this extension helps combine or list all the open tabs in one place. So you can open them whenever you want with a single click. Moreover, installing the Multiple URL Opener or Bulk URL Opener Extension promotes the smartest way of working. Specifically, if you are working in research-based professions like content writing, data analysis, and Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Go ahead if you have a web browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge browser. 

5. Open Selected Links via Context Menu

Last fifth one is the “Open Selected Links via Context Menu,” which is another free Google Chrome extension. Besides, this extension also performs the same as the above others, which is about opening multiple links on a web page in different browser tabs within a single click. The “Open Selected Links via Context Menu” extension is very much considerable for its fast and furious speed. Whether you want to reload or open URLs in different tabs. Furthermore, install it if you want to access it if you already have one. Visit the web page having all the multiple URLs, then select a particular part of the page and right-click over it. Next, it will show you a notification with a context menu option saying, “Open selected links in new tabs.” Remember, it is essential to instantly click on this option to open all the links in separate tabs.

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