What Is The Multiple URL Opener?
It's a new professional and user-friendly extension to open various URLs collectively. Furthermore, it's a simple web application that enables SEO specialists, list builders, researchers, and others to open multiple URLs simultaneously. Therefore, it's a supportive tool for increasing productivity. All you have to do is paste the URLs into the "Insert URL" section, press enter, and the program will do the rest.

Copying individual URLs and pasting them one after the other is tedious. Furthermore, jumping and juggling all the separate web browser tabs is exhausting. Especially if your job requires you to view numerous websites at once, such as web-hosting providers or any SEO executive who verifies bulk links at once. So, the Multiple URL Opener is available at your service to curb some of your hassles and make your task easy. This functionally brilliant extension allows you to open all websites with a single click. Moreover, this tool doesn't limit your number of URLs; you can effortlessly access 200+ URLs at once.

First and foremost, you must download the Multiple URL Opener extension. Furthermore, you can install the extension by clicking here. However, make sure to use an updated web browser. You can use browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. Moreover, the extension works with all versions of Windows, Linux, and Apple's iOS operating systems.

Next, pin the extension to the toolbar. Click the puzzle icon in the right corner of the taskbar if you can't find or see the Multiple URL Opener extension icon. You'll see the extension icon there, which you can pin.

The final step is to open the Multiple URL Opener, then enter the URL text or copy/paste it (separating it by a comma, line break, or even just a space) in the "Insert URL" box. After that, click on the "OPEN ALL LINKS" button. Wait for a few seconds, and your links will open simultaneously.

Who can use the Multiple URL Opener web tool?
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SEO Webmasters: This tool is handy whether you work as an SEO expert or a webmaster. SEO experts and web admins are always crowded with a large number of websites and have to open all URLs at once. Therefore, this Multiple URL Opener tool will allow you to enter all of your URLs and open them all at once.

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Experts in Web Data Research: Research work requires a lot of data, information, and references. Furthermore, opening all the tabs, again and again, can be annoying. Henceforth, this Multiple URL Opener can save you time and effort by opening sites in a single click.

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Content Creators/Writers: Content creators/writers have to conduct extensive research on their topic before writing it down. Furthermore, they have to spin it and then check for plagiarism to ensure that it is distinctive and relevant. Therefore, they can use this handy extension to open that many URLs and collect all the data they want.

Features Of The Multiple URL Opener
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Open all the links simultaneously: Simply paste all of the URLs you want to open into the text area. This simple technique will open all of the links at the same time in a matter of seconds.

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Multiple URLs in new tabs: This free utility simultaneously opens all of the entered URLs in new tabs in the current window. After putting all of the links in the "Insert URL" area, select "OPEN URLs" to open all of the links in the current window.

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Works without scheme links: You can skip and input URLs without the protocol portion for HTTP://, which is a beneficial function. You can only enter the main area of the site, but it will still open all of your links. For example, if you type "example.com" into the text box, it will be instantly translated to "http://example.com/.

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No signing up: It only takes a few seconds to install this extension. It is not difficult to sign up or create an account. Simply install the Multiple URL Opener extension and use it to bulk open your links to save time.

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One hundred percent secure: This plugin does not keep any of your URLs; therefore, your data and URLs are protected. We are equally concerned about the security of your information as you are. As a result, utilizing this plugin is entirely risk-free.

Frequently asked questions

You can put a maximum of 250 URLs at once. Keep in mind that if you open too many URLs at the same time, your web browser may become unresponsive for a few seconds.

You can configure your browser to open each URL in a new tab. Here's how to do it: Select Preferences, then Tabs, then checkmark the "Force links that open new windows to open in" line, and lastly, select "a new tab" from the Edit pull-down menu. Finally, save and quit your adjustments.

No, the submitted URLs are processed in real-time and are not logged. We just track access to our website, as do all web servers, to compile traffic statistics and respond to abuse.

For SSL-enabled links, make sure the URLs begin with "HTTP://" or "HTTPS://." If you merely put "www.website.com" (without the HTTP://), it will be recognized as an invalid link.