Open multiple URLs or Links at Once in a Single Click

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With the help of a Multiple URL opener, you can save a lot of your time and declutter your workload by installing it on your device. You can use it best on your work front, where you have to work on a lot of open tabs on your system in a day. Installing the Multiple URL Opener for Chrome extensions or the bulk URL opener on your system helps combine all the open tabs in one place. 

So you only have to go to a list with a single click whenever you want to open any tab. Besides, to install this bulk URL opener extension, you can use any compatible web browser. And these are Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and Firefox web browsers. Furthermore, you can install it on both personal and professional fronts as it holds work management efficiency. And also helps you to be a smart worker by reducing unnecessary hardship. 

The number of professions that need this freely accessible Multiple URL Opener or Bulk URL opener the most can be Data Researches, SEO Analysts, and Content writers/Creators. The reason is these professionals have to search & research and juggle between open tabs a lot all day. In order to explore more about multiple URL openers for chrome extensions features and installation process, straight jump onto the below information.   

Features of Bulk URL Opener

Features and specifications play an important role in stand-outing the subject and making it even more remarkable. Therefore, here you have a few of the Multiple URL Opener features or attributes to define it best to its users. And these are: 

1.Open URLs/Links

The first feature describes opening URLs and links in a new tab. If your window gets shut down by mistake while working, it can restart from where you were last time.

2.Get a List Of Currently Open Tabs

Using this feature, you can easily list all your currently opened tabs within one click. So you don’t need to find and open them individually by opening every single tab simultaneously. 

3.Open Links In New Window

In order to get back to the same project or work from where you left it. You can use this feature that helps you in resuming your work by tapping on this button to get back to your progress.


From a security perspective, this multiple URL opener for Chrome extension is trustworthy and reliable. The reason is it does not save any URLs/links that reduce the chances of data loss and threat. 

5.Clear, Edit, and Delete Lists

The Multiple URL Opener for Chrome extension even lets you edit, clear, and delete lists. And this helps in decluttering unnecessary trash and brings flexibility and management when it comes to operating computers. 

Installation of Multiple URL Opener

In order to accelerate its service, you need to install the Multiple URL Opener extension on your system. Therefore, here you have three significant steps that will guide you to do so easily. So you can use this extension within a few clicks, and these are:  


1.Install the Extension

Firstly, you need to install the extension, which you can even do by clicking here. Once you install it, click on the blue "Add To Chrome" button. Use a compatible web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge to install this extension manually. 

2.Pin it to the Toolbar

Next, pin your installed Multiple URL Opener extension to the toolbar. If you cannot find the Opener extension icons, select the puzzle icon in the right corner of the taskbar. So you can pin the extension icon after finding it over there.

3.Launch it

Now, end the process by launching the bulk URL Opener on your system. You need to activate it if you want it to work smoothly on your system. Further, open the extension and click on the "Get a list of currently open tabs" button to give it a kickstart. 

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