How to Open Multiple URLs Easily

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It is common these days for many professionals to work with a chunk of links for research and development purposes. But, copying each link and opening it in the browser is a laborious task, especially if there is content inserted between the links. Fortunately, there are web tools that can help you with the same at your disposal to assist you. Tools like Multiple URL Opener can open a number of URLs simultaneously in new tabs. 

Users can even paste links into such tools that can open several URLs at once, and the program will open the links for you in new tabs every time. Today, a variety of bulk link openers are readily available, from browser extensions to online apps. Furthermore, these tools are becoming an integral part of work management in the modern digital era.

It might be tiresome and time-consuming to manually access each Bulk URL Opener one at a time, whether it's for work, study, or just browsing. Therefore, today, in this article, we’ll discuss the best link opening extension that’s a multifaceted tool using which many can benefit.

What is a Multiple URL Opener?

A smart and simple way to access many URLs is with a Multiple URL Opener. It’s a browser extension that anyone can install in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Furthermore, anyone can access many URLs simultaneously with this user-friendly add-on. Additionally, it's a typical web tool that enables data analysts, web developers, researchers, SEO specialists, and other professionals to help them be more productive.

Work Smartly with URL Opener Extension.

It's simple to understand how to use the Multiple URL Opener add-on. Installing this extension to browsers can be quite advantageous for many individuals. Thus, adhere to the following directions to learn how to open multiple URLs at once.

1. Install the Extension:

To utilize it, you must first download the extension. By clicking here, you can install the link opening extension. Use a secure web browser as well, of course. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge browsers are all compatible with this extension. The extension also perfectly functions on all Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms.

2. Pin the Extension:

The extension needs to be pinned to the toolbar as the following step. If the extension icon isn't visible, click the puzzle icon in the taskbar's upper right corner. There is an extension icon that you can pin, as you will see.

3. Use the Extension:

Once the extension has been installed and pinned, you may use it to save and open a number of URLs simultaneously. To obtain a thorough list of the opened links, tap the "Get List Of Currently Open Tabs" button. Then, select "Open Links" to instantly access each one in your browser.

Features of Multiple URL Opener

Here are all the key benefits of using the extension. This section entails a thorough breakdown of every feature this extension offers so you can utilize the extension more effectively.


1. Open Links: This feature assists users by opening the tab of URLs all at once; thus, this tool works smarter for everyone. Furthermore, if you close the browsers or system by mistake, you can easily access all the saved links. 

2. Get List Of Currently Open Tabs: When you have a free extension to do the clever work, why make an extra effort? You can view a list of the things you've looked up or are working on by clicking.

3. Open Links In New Window: You can infer from the name that you can open all URLs. Hence, by tapping on this button, you can return to where you were.

4. Clear, Edit, and Delete List: You can use any of the functionalities you like to organize your URLs further.

5. Security: Since it doesn't save any of your URLs, this extension is dependable. As a result, you can utilize it without worrying about URL loss risks.

Finally, there are a variety of quick and practical techniques to open numerous URLs. Using bookmarks, browser tabs, text editors, browser extensions, or the command line, as you want, can help you save time and have a more productive surfing experience. However, using a URL Opener Extension is an ideal approach that works best for you to open several URLs without a problem.

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